Legal Notice
Agreements & Documentations
A Legal Notice is a formal written communication typically sent by a lawyer or an individual to inform someone of a legal matter, demand a specific action or response, or give notice of intent to take legal action. It serves as a precursor to legal proceedings and is used to address various issues, including disputes, contract violations, and legal claims.
Types of audit and assurance services:

Statutory financial statements for companies and branches of foreign companies complying with the Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (FRS) and Companies Act, Cap. 50

Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST) financial statements as required by Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act.

Financial statements of societies and co-operatives

Retail sales / revenue reporting for lease or tenancy agreements

EDB grant claims

Other kinds of Accountants’ and other Audit Reports including audit of and income verification for self-employed persons.

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