GST Registration: Everything You Need To Know

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The GST registration process is much easier provided you meet the eligibility criteria. In this blog, we will be discussing the eligibility, documents required, and also the procedure for Online GST Registration with Fast Approval and help make an informed decision on whether or not to register for GST filing.

The Goods and Service Tax commonly known as GST replaced all the indirect tax levied on goods and services liberating business owners from the complex and indirect tax structure. This initiative by the central government has made the tax payment a hassle-free tax.

Eligibility For GST Registration Online

In the new GST system, all businesses involved in buying or selling goods or providing services are required to obtain GST registration. Businesses without GST registration won’t be allowed to collect GST from customers, claim input tax credit of GST paid, and may face penalties.

The following are the eligibility criteria for the GST Registration :

Below are the criteria to help you determine if you are eligible for GST:

  1. Your company’s turnover exceeds INR 20 lakh (Rs 10 lakh for Special category states) in a financial year.
  2. You are already registered under any of the existing indirect tax regimes (VAT, Excise Laws, Service Tax Laws), irrespective of the limit. Existing taxpayers have been provided with a Provisional ID and Password for completion of GST migration formalities (within 6 months) and generation of GSTIN by the respective tax departments.
  3. Your business operates in multiple states.
  4. You have several business verticals in one state.
  5. You are required to pay tax under Reverse Charge.
  6. You have an inter-state supply of taxable goods.
  7. You are a non-resident taxable person.
  8. You are a casual taxable person (A person who occasionally undertakes a supply of goods or services having no fixed place of business, for example, a fireworks shop set up during Diwali).
  9. You are required to deduct tax at the source.
  10. You are an agent of a supplier.
  11. You are an Input Service Distributor.
  12. You are in the business of E-commerce, for example, Flipkart, Amazon, Ola (Operator/Aggregator).
  13. You supply goods or services through an E-commerce portal.
  14. You are in the business of supplying online information and database access or retrieval services from outside India to a person in India.
  15. You supply non-taxable products or are in the export business.
  16. You apply to the export of software that was previously untaxed.

If you can tick all the boxes, then we can move on the what documents you will need while GST registering online.

Documents Required for GST Registration

The following documents are essential for GST registration:

PAN Card of business or applicant:
Since your business’s GSTIN is linked to your PAN card it becomes one of the important documents for GST registration.

Identity and Address proof of promoters:
The documents including a PAN card, Passport, Driving license, etc.. of all the directors and partners should be submitted during GST registration.

Business Registration Document:
Please ensure that all registered entities submit the necessary documents to verify their business registration. The specific documents required may vary based on the type of registration:
For Private Limited Company: Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Articles, and Articles of Association
For Limited Liability Partnership: Certificate of Incorporation and LLP Agreement

Address proof for the place of business:
Similar to providing address proof for the partners you must also submit proof of address for the place of your company too.

Bank account proof:
You must provide a clear and scanned copy of the first page of your bank passbook. The copy must match the bank account listed in your registration application and show several transactions and the business address.

Digital signature:
All GST registration applications must be signed and submitted by an authorized signatory using Class 2 or 3 digital signatures. The digital signature is not required for proprietorship.

Processes For GST Registration

Online GST registration is done through the official GST portal maintained by the central or state government. With the required documents and signatures registration is a relatively easy process.

Step 1: Visit the GST website.

Step 2: Click Services > Registration > New Registration option.

Step 3: The following application form for registration under GST will be displayed. It is divided into two parts, Part A and Part B. The following “New Registration” page is displayed in Part A. Fill out the details in Part A of the form and click “Proceed”.

Step 4: On the subsequent OTP verification page, enter the OTP you received on your mobile number and in your email. Please note that this OTP is valid for only 10 minutes.

Step 5: After verifying the application, Part A of the GST registration form is completed. The system automatically generates and displays a Temporary Reference Number (TRN). This TRN is required for completing the registration under GST and is valid for only 15 days.

Step 6: Fill out Part B of the form by clicking on the “My Saved Applications” tab to open Part B of the GST registration form. Then, enter the TRN generated and the captcha text as shown on the screen below.

Step 7: Once you click “Proceed”, the next page will show up for verification. Enter the OTP from your registered mobile number and email.

Step 8: Subsequently, the “My Saved Applications” page will be displayed. Click the Edit icon under the Action column as shown below.

Step 9: On the next screen, you will see the GST registration application form with several tabs. You need to go through each tab and enter the required information. Below are the main tabs in the GST registration application form:

Business Details
Authorized Signatory
Authorized Representative
Principal Place of Business
Goods and Services
Bank Accounts
State Specific Information

Step 10: After your GST registration application is successfully verified, you will receive an acknowledgment within 15 minutes at your registered email address and mobile phone number. Additionally, you will receive an Application Reference Number (ARN) receipt at both your email address and mobile phone number.

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